As so the seasons change, tin hut sites open,  


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26/02/2019 11:20 am  

ITS HEAR..........

said the little girl looking at her TV with its wavy lines...

Tin Hut dwellers are back again, in the droves it seems, so brace yourself for there offspring.

Bless them all..

They walk from Seawick / Hutleys ? and others towards Clacton walking down the middle of our main road as If there at Butlins, and were not left out with our very own biggest employer in Jaywick, Martello Beach holiday Park..

The kids running riot on bikes, mums & das pushing prams in the main road, as it "looks like a wide pavement" but not moving the little ones out to the side when busses, HGV`s and even there own tin hut site dwellers try a game of "bowl the  chip eaters over"

We dont get to see this fun game in the winter, only when the chip eaters are coming to

Now the sites are open, looks like game on

You have to live close to a tin hut holiday site or 4 to understand, but even then, you get visitors pointing the finger of blame at JAYWICKIANS as the chip eaters are here, walking through, so the MUST be jaywickians then - terrible lot, walking all over the roads --


would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.

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