Its that time of year for the FLU jab again  


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29/10/2018 12:59 pm  

As our Doctors, and local Hospitals are much visited by me lately, my last week's diabetic revue was going along almost nicely when I was asked if I wanted the FLU jab.

I said yes as normal but mentally thought how much it had affected me previously, but hey its free, I`m old, and not so well - yippee

That was Thursday, Friday it began, then each day it got worse, as when I woke this morning I felt like shi- you know, not so good. blinding headache, and generally  feeling rough.

My meds were taken, then it was a bowl of porridge & cuppa, now some hours later most of the pains have gone for a while.

Now i`m on some very nice LO`R XL coffee out my TASSIMO and a bag of "Kettle" pan fried lightly salted crisps as I need them - lol

Each years its the same with me - flu jab then ill for a week or so, but we are told It has no after effects.

Hey Ho eh - LOL

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.

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30/10/2018 9:07 am  

Ian, what you are saying doesn't make sense!  If it affects you that way...…………….for goodness sake don't have it. It only covers certain strains at any rate!

I have never had it, and I have never had the flu. (I am sitting in a wooden chair, with my hands firmly on the arms!!)

Hope you feel better soon!

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