Mothers day, and little ones love.  


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02/04/2019 1:15 am  

Mothers Day brings so much happiness for many, but also so much sadness for many also.

I have a younger "buddy" friend of my children who misses his mum badly bless him, but the last day or so has been hard for him since his mum passed 7 years ago.

Currently I have my younger daughter staying with me, who has mental issues but to look or speak to her you would never know, but has drifted away from her partner, has issues with a pain killer dependency, and has her eldest boy (my georgey I call him- bless him) in foster care, but a very good foster mum & dad, with the  youngest 3 year old grandson being looked after by his dad who now lives in town.. She can no longer see both boys together in pre arranged meetings at the "contact centre" but saw little lad in the morning, and my 10 year old  grandson after school.. Mums day (today for her)  saw my daughter getting 2 cards, some treats and things she proudly brought "home" to show me.... Even I cannot see my georgey, even so that I more or less brought him up for many of his years, but, they say it upsets him when I leave after a meeting.. The 10 year lad has Autism, but is very clever bless him... Told his mum today he still loves her very much, but knows she has made some wrong choices in life...I have to take a deep breath and sigh, and just carry on best i can, knowing both the grandchildren are both very well looked after.... If its hard for me, how hard is it for there mum eh, despite things the way they are,  but what will be,  will be..

Lots of families have similar problems but carry on, its the British way, and old grandads are the head of the family, so I should shut up and keep going, but sometimes I get bits of pollen in both eyes that make them water

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.


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