The tale of my parking space outside my home  


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19/09/2018 5:41 pm  

I live in Brooklands, I live on a road that has some very nice people in it, but also some not so nice people but you get that most places I guess by reading crime reports in Tendring, but, what makes my parking place so special, is its position, right outside my bedroom windows.  Its actually a space without a wall that forms part of my boundary as logged with Land Registry, but, its the same size as some of my neighbours front gardens, in therein, is a clue...  I don't always park in that space, as I like to leave it clear for visitors, or deliveries, as to be honest, I have lots of parking space to the rear of my property in the next road plus a space outside my big gates there, that also is inside my boundary as logged with Land Registry.

OK, but for a while, a guy in a silver VW kept parking on my space (part of my property) outside my window even though I asked him not to, but was met with a laugh, and reply - "you can't own a parking space" he said and walked off laughing still. This went on a few times until my only course of action was either fence it off, built a brick wall around a concrete garden or, just park my old estate car on it.. Estate car choice won. All was good for a few weeks until we get visitors arriving at my next door neighbours but then parking across both plots of concreted off road parking areas, so, my old estate car is back on guard duty

Living in Brooklands brings with it challenges some people just don't understand, one being - "you BOUGHT a place there" - i thought it was all rented by low lifes, drug dealers and social scum...LOL....

If only outsiders REALLY knew of some of my neighbours histories, one being a ex-manager of the counties biggest motorway builder, another guy had a huge plant hire business, 2 private aircraft, and lifelong membership of Stapleford Flying Club, as he laid the runway one weekend, and there may be many more who live here happily, but, to tell outsiders this, the reply is always the same ..laughing...We love it here, more so when I read of the knifings, shootings & muggings taking place in my old hometown, Romford, now awash with ethnics and posh cars with personalised plates (that visit us most weekends going past that "awful Brooklands" that leads to there very expensive tin huts on holiday parks that brainwash even more out of

Its a funny old world eh

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.

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29/10/2018 12:18 pm  

An update on my parking space outside my home.

Well, a dark blue Vauxhall Vectra was being driven around by a neighbours son  who had recently turned up, my neighbour living in the rear road of my property, but the young driver is a "know it all" was leaving this many miles motor parked just anywhere dropping black oily stuff from it tired old diesel engine thinking he was "the man"

Anyway, it turned up on my parking spot after what looked like it had been plowing a ditch, so I began knocking on doors to find its "keeper"

For four days it sat there with scrap men knocking to ask If I wanted to take away, but, it was not mine.

Environmental services were called - nope can't do a thing - on private ground.

Essex Police phone in, said, If I had proof from its last known keeper in writing, then get it moved on/taken away, so with this Info, I went to "the man`s" Mums house and explained things..

OH, we have lost the keys so can't move it, she said.

So I put notices on its side windows saying it's not my crap, but I`ll get it moved.

Next day "the man" knocked at my door and said, can't find the keys so it can't be moved, laughed, then walked away..

OK - time to change things now I thought.

I found an old-fashioned steel coat hanger & straightened it, bent the hook end into a handle, the other end into a claw-shaped thing, then prised the top of the drivers door open at its top, fed my once coat hanger inside the car, a few technical bends of it, then got it on the door unlocker-lifted gently and opened the door...

THAT'S when the fun started.

Alarms going mad, lights flashing, handbrake off, I began pushing this offending Vectra into next doors parking space, then, a window opened, out popped a trappy woman shouting - WHAT YOU DOING WITH THAT CAR AS WE GOT THE KEYS - LOL

So I said great, that's 4 days parking at £60 per day you owe me then..

Not long after, "the man`s" mum came round and said they can't find the keys? - two households now can't find the keys by now?

Not my problem no more I said.

It sat in next doors parking bay for over a week until a scrap car collection lorry took it away.

2 households both left wondering how I got in the poxy car - LOL

It's a poxy Vauxhall I said, It's not Hi-Tech is it, and laughed.

Think its now time to fix "No Parking" signs outside,

with a disclaimer of parking fees and the use of wheel clamping..

Let's see who laughs now eh..

The thing is, I park to the rear of my property in its entrance in the next road along, so some may think I don't need a parking space, but the dumbwits cant see most of my neighbours have a front garden, I too have a front garden, but it has no walls or plants just a big concrete

Always got a story to tell me - its called LIFE..

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.


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