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29/10/2018 8:42 pm  

Well, I read in today's budget speech there will be no more PFI funded projects being signed off.

QWe in Clacton's tax paying residents are being cained yearly for a school that was pushed through backed by a Labour Councilor (who later became leader) but the school supposedly was to teach the 1000`s of children in a new estate that never got built.

LABOUR leaders fatal blunder should have been on his gravestone.


Oh, the "school" or whatever it does there still stands, but we sill pay for its heavy burden and will do for many years yet.

The Irony now is it just may be used as a school once again, for the 1000`s? of children from new to be built housing across the road from it, be it over 10 years late.

I wonder If we will ever get back the Radio ONE roadshow again - A joke for those that know - LOL

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.


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