Foreign Johnie's wild camping the Colchesters Leisure World car Park ??  


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01/03/2019 10:48 am  

Time to be aware again.

Seems we have French, Dutch / other nationals all over here "wild camping" OK, gypsies and so with due legal course will be moved on soon, If not already.

Tendring is always seen as a soft touch for roaming gypsies along with its farcical "repair" teams, and things "going missing" if not bolted down

Time then to keep your eyes open for NON UK registered vehicles being oddly out of place as there "advance" party scouting..

you`ve been warned.

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.

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Viv S
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01/03/2019 2:41 pm  

Good warning thanks.  Very vague recollection that Essex CC might be trying to do something to ban or immediately clear all illegal encampments, cant remember where or any more detail just remember thinking about time too.

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