Make hay while the sun shines  


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27/02/2019 1:51 pm  

Well pleased, lawn cut, dead cut down in flowers beds,  never seen the garden so tidy for February .

Hope it lasts, but not looking good on next few days weather  forecast. 

But enjoyed what we have had.

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01/03/2019 11:03 am  

Indeed make hay for some Rogina.

I too "made hay" 2 days ago, but not yet in my now much reduced "kids Garden" but I uncovered, unlocked, and got out one of my restored Vespa scooters, and got it running for the first time since august last year.

some fresh fuel in its tank, and a few trips up & down the rear road (avenue) to my property and I was years younger again..

Different things to different people is the start of spring, and yes I did look at the grass in the kids garden, but although my mower will cut it, I thought better of it as its still very wet - It can wait and grow stronger.   The few potted plants / bushes now, are very green and growing, and so has "nannies" planted mint showing signs of life again.  Nannies mint is famous to our grandchildren as they grab a few leaves, rubbing them, and they think of nannies wonderful roasts with home made mint sauce bless them... Even when out in restaurants, if mint is used for show its the same procedure..

Seems its not just me that misses the Mrs, but life goes on, even if its just the mint reminding us of her - its something they will never forget.

So, heres to the start "SOON" of warm sunny days, where we can all find our peace with things, be it gardening, or literally smoking about the countryside in smelly two stroke scooters - lol

would take far too long to explain why we retired 10 years early and moved here,
but never regretted doing either.

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