[Sticky] Tendring Talk possible closure  

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15/02/2020 5:22 pm  

Sadly I have to agree that it is time to close. It has been helpful to me. but now??

Thank you for setting it up.


Stuart Austin
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15/02/2020 5:31 pm  

Funny enough i got the Email friday to say the yearly subscription is now due.

I'm in full time work now plus the PC Business.
Without advertising i too doubt it will go anywhere owing to nextdoor & FB but i'm happy to pay for another year as we all have put so much effort in to it and can't bring myself to let it just go and know i can't ask anymore of you all 🙂

On a positive note, i haven't had to remove/delete any new fake members for over 4 months.

Like an old car in the garage, just leave it there as i'm sure i'll spend some time on it soon lol


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15/02/2020 6:05 pm  



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